BackWards Quest

 I was fine a few days ago,

I will be okay again soon.

I know you don’t think so but,

But what if I told you I actually knew?

Knew your quackery is the best-kept secret around

And silence is my favorite sound

Smugly you sit with your pills on your pedestal proud,

Proud of your name, that paper, and the shroud.

Shrouding the subsidies and the kickbacks,

The corporation and the siege

I know you’re Mental,

May I have some Health, please?

What if,

If I am afraid, increase my dose of faith in humanity

If I am depressed, re-inflate me with love,

Simple sounds more like sanity

If I feel alone, show me with your heart I am not

If I am lost in place you don’t understand

No worries, I don’t need a shot

What if

If you Just be, be compassionate with me,

Until I can explain when I get back

all of the baggage I had to unpack,

And if you can’t hear or see them too,

Understand that there is much unknown but still true

What if

 much of the unknown

is fictitious  knowing

I know Nothing, do you?

We evolved out of an environment of suffering,

We dove deep into the emotions no one else was willing to touch

We are your buffering,

Superficial bandages forced across lifetimes of gaping wounds

This is mental,

Let’s talk about health,

Health is optimum physiology

Pretty dependent on balancing out natural bio-Chemicals

Aka our body’s biology

Our natural state is healing,

But something is wrong and we are reeling

With the flight of our fight, We conquer,

We will teach you as an encore,

Transmute, integrate, transcend,

We broke until we could bend

For from our flight, we found the light

But out of the darkness, we ascend,

No room to pretend,

Being and Bending

Seeing and blending

 If you want to truly heal

Remember the beauty,

The beauty that is to feel

Embrace the human race

Soak in your truth,

Let it drip from your face

This is not a mental malady

Just a social fallacy

The warning bells of a culture in decay,

The stress of all work and a façade to play

Fake and even more false

The way to stay mental is not accidental

Of course,

The solution is rather transcendental

If you could fly and land

Fall, but get up, stand

There is a level of love beyond measure,

Now yours to command

A fearsome and foreboding pressure

The house of cards would surely fall and

Bullshit would be the unanimous call

Masses no longer soothed by backwards names

Health would be literal,

Not crisis aversion our only gains,

Mental health means to mentally thrive

To the fullest extent of being alive

Through this BackWards quest,

I check you, mate

The answers are the test.

Poem BackWards Quest is copyright by Rebecca Wood, If you would like to use or reproduce this poem or any part of it please contact artwould at and the artist will be contacted on your behalf.

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