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April’s Featured Poem: Brave as I Can Be

Today a new monthly process will begin to help display Art Would and it’s communities poetry. Near the first of each month a new poem will be featured including a quote form the writer and photo if available. Please keep checking back for more poems or write Info@Artwould to submit your poem to be featured on our website.

As Spring begins to bloom so does love, this month is a poem about the rush of falling in a love.

“This poem I wrote learning to love again as I was beginning to feel the stir of something special with someone I have now been with for sometime, our love only grows deeper, I am blessed to have these feelings in my life”
(Rebecca Wood-Artist in residence).

Brave as I Can Be



As your lips touch mine

I feel like I can love again

As you wrap your arms around me

My breath settles


The stars in the sky sing to me

As I ponder what tomorrow will bring

The trees stand tall for me

Be as brave as I can be


As ashes fall

and what yesterday fades

I give in, I give in


A fire

a passionate romance

As our bodies sway


In this life we take a chance

Fall, fall

Does the ground give way?




By Rebecca Wood If interested in reproducing contact Artwould at  this work is owned by it’s creator but the artist can be contacted on your behalf for use approval.

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